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Y Tuesday, April 04, 2017Y
We Are Tweens!

In a blink of an eye, 3 years have passed since my last post. ⧬⧭⧬⧭⧬⧭

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Y Monday, June 23, 2014Y
Yuheng is all ready for his 1st outing with school
all the p4 students are going to Kidzania KL next week, but he is so excited since the news is out. & we are so worried since we heard about this.

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Y Monday, August 08, 2011Y
jake and the neverland pirates
presenting the boys' latest craze - jake and the neverland pirates. they even forego Ben 10 to watch this cartoon, now showing on Disney Junior

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Y Tuesday, September 08, 2009Y
having a mind of their own
nowadays the kids really 人小鬼大. hengheng can hold a conversation with the adults at home, and sometimes make you don't know should cry or laugh or be proud...

last 2 weeks we went back singapore for holiday, and when we are back in malacca, we found out the thunder has spoilt the Astro and modem.

initially, heng keep bugging me to let him play pet society or harvest farmtown, mummy have to explain to him. later mummy told him, how about asking shushu to buy or repair. so he start bugging shushu.

later mummy found out shushu not enough money to buy, so she ask heng & chen, to take out their mickey mouse bank to share share and buy the modem, since they want to play game, they are using the internet too. (must pay to play ;p) & they agree.

suddenly, heng say 'i have 60 cents!' and chen echoed 'i have 50 cents'

(mummy rolled her eyes) "wah!! is that a lot of money?"

'yes yes a lot!!' both of them said..

mummy told papa & papa told shushu.. now waiting for the latest updates.

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Y Monday, August 17, 2009Y

didi is sick again... it seems like every time near to the school holidays, he or both will fall sick.

today mummy stay at home to take care of didi, because he suddenly have fever up til 40 degrees!! but lucky it's only for a few minute, then slowly drop back to 38.

so today, didi MC at home. hope tonight's condition can be stable and good.

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Y Saturday, August 01, 2009Y
sibling's love
i have no doubt on my boys' sibling's love, especially gorgor towards didi.

today is 1st august. they have long waited for this month to come. firstly, its their birthdays. then, we "promise" chen if he throw away his old zhutzhut, we will buy a new 1 - Thomas the tank engine design in august or September his birthday.

and suddenly, heng remembers our 'promise' and he tells me
"mummy today is august orady!! we mus go get thomas zhutzhut"

sudden burst of cold sweat. i look at didi, he didn't seem to respond to gorgor's line.

so i tell both of them "ok, but must see the zhutzhut then can buy right??"


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Y Tuesday, July 28, 2009Y
think i can safely say, chen has successfully weaned off his pacifier~

day 2, he finished his dinner, then the urge came (like a ciggie smoker.. hehe) he ran to me and commented "mummy, my baobei and zhut zhut throw into the dustbin already." "yes, but your baobei still here, zhutzhut in the dustbin already."

and he got distracted by my laptop as he wants to play game. (introduce your little one (2-3yrs) to this game site - low bandwidth games. there's not much color and few interactive, won't harm the little eyes. and the games let them learn and remember all the Alphabet and numbers, enhances their finding and looking ability.)

day 3, he make some noises in the midnight but still can coax him back to sleep. these 2 nights, he will sit up arnd 3-4am, look for his baobei, then sit there for 2-3 min, and fall back to sleep. i think he is thinking of his zhutzhut.

today is the 6th day - 22nd to 28th, since we 'throw' (actual fact is i hide it, cause worry the 1st few nights he will cry til no night no day) his zhut zhut away.

i guess we had help from school, heard from chen & heng themselves, teacher has removed his zhut zhut during the afternoon nap for almost 1 month. so we continue the weaning through out the day and night. (and before we 'throw' it away, he will start to suck it once we leave the school, his craving is big!! hahaha)

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Y Wednesday, July 22, 2009Y
chen's milestone - wean off pacifier

tonight is day 1 when we remove chen's zhutzhut. during the car ride home, papa chat with him, and convince him to throw his old mickey mouse zhutzhut away, then wait for August to buy a new Thomas zhutzhut.

i chatted with chen before too, that's how i convince him to get a new zhutzhut with Thomas on it. (but i don't think there's any available right??) but i couldn't get him to throw the old 1 in the rubbish bin.

why August? this is his fave number.

once reach home, papa immediately went to the rubbish bin and show him, 'i wrap it in this tissue and we throw it away ok?'

chen say, 'ok' and he turn around to open the fridge looking for sweets/jelly/etc.

bedtime, he looks for his zhutzhut. i have to remind him again and again because he started to nag:

"mummy, i want zhutzhut..."
"we throw it in the rubbish bin, remember?"
"no, we didn't, it was papa."
"oh yes! papa throw it away, so now we don't have any zhutzhut. you are a big korkor, you told ah gong and everyone else. big korkor no need zhutzhut"

then hengheng came and kpoh - show me 5 fingers, mean he is the big korkor.

and chenchen immediately replied "i am small, i am only 3"

so reminded him again, 'but papa throw away already. mummy hug you and we sleep ok? look at me, and we close our eyes"

he is layin on my chest, looking at me, then suddenly he lift his fist, close his left eye, then right, then my left eye, and my right. LOL pretending to sleep, but still thinking of his zhutzhut.

when papa came home, i signal 'shhhhhhh don't talk anything' so he just sayang chen and small talk with heng.

finally chen sleep without zhutzhut!!

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Y Tuesday, July 07, 2009Y
songs we like

周華健 - 朋友

[KTV] 張懸 - 寶貝

我的寶貝 寶貝 給你一點甜甜
我的小鬼 小鬼 逗逗你的眉眼

嘩啦啦啦啦啦 我的寶貝
唉呀呀呀呀呀 我的寶貝

我的寶貝 寶貝 給你一點甜甜
我的小鬼 小鬼 逗逗你的小臉

嘩啦啦啦啦啦 我的寶貝
唉呀呀呀呀呀 我的寶貝

嘩啦啦啦啦啦 我的寶貝
唉呀呀呀呀呀 我的寶貝

嘩啦啦啦啦啦 我的寶貝
唉呀呀呀呀呀 我的寶貝


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Y Tuesday, May 26, 2009Y
our latest fave show
is call "animal-mechanicals". now showing on PlayHouse Disney.

last time, when mummy ask heng, which english name he wants, he always shake his head. even when mummy ask, do you want to be call Thomas Lee Yue Heng? like Thoams & friends? or Percy? or James? he shake head to all.

but now, he told everyone, call him KOMODO, don't call him yue heng anymore. and even didi has a new "english" name - The Mighty Sasquatch

& mummy has found 1 game but its for iPhone :(

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